Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday (2/24/16)

I can't believe that it is already the last week of the month and time for another What's Up Wednesday!

On the last Wednesday of every month I'm linking up with Shay to answer these questions:

1.  What we're eating this week...

We have the best neighbors, and they've been spoiling us with home-baked goodies since coming home from the hospital.  Everything from banana bread to lasagna, we are so lucky to have such kind people living near us. 

2.  What I'm reminiscing about...

Last month I told you that I was excited to see Mike holding our daughter for the first time.  It was just as perfect as I imagined it.  February 9, 2016 was one of the best days of my life and my heart doubled in size.  At 2:19pm we welcomed Arianna Jade Florio into our family.  I will be writing a future blog post on her birth story.  

3.  What I'm loving...

Seeing how much Vincent loves his baby sister!  I was anxious to see how well this little guy would adjust to having a baby at home and he has been amazing.  She is the first thing he asks about in the morning and he loves to "touch" her.  We are still working with him on being gentle with her.  

4.  What we've been up to...

Adjusting to life as a family of four. We are getting in all the baby snuggles and loving on our sweet girl because we know how quickly time passes.  

5.  What I'm dreading...

Next month Vincent is having a procedure done on his eyes to correct blocked tear ducts.  It is a quick procedure and our surgeon is awesome, but thinking about him having his first surgery makes this momma a nervous wreck.    

6.  What I'm working on...

Planning a special yoga series for mothers.   I'm working with Green Locus Yoga to plan a four week long Mommy and Me series in April.  If you know any moms who  you think would enjoy this, please send them my way!

7.  What I'm excited about...
Next month we are starting Vincent back in swim lessons, and I'm excited to see how well he does.  He has been taking lessons since he was six months old, but these are at a different facility and are three days a week instead of one.  I hope he likes it.

8.  What I'm watching/reading...

Frozen is on repeat in our house.  EVERY DAY Vincent wants to watch this movie.  He loves Elsa and Anna just like every other kid out there.

We have also been watching the last season of American Idol, I don't have a favorite yet. 

9.  What I'm listening to...

Loving James Bay's new song "Let It Go"  - planning to add it to my future yoga play lists.  

10.  What I'm wearing...

These days I'm lucky if I make it out of my pjs.  We're at home most of the time, so comfort is my aim, enjoying these lazy days while I can :)

11.  What I'm doing this weekend...

Celebrating my Dad's birthday with family!  My brother, sister-in-law and nephew are in town from Austin, it is so great to see them and catch up with them!  It's great that our little girl shares the same birth month as her Grandpa, that's something that they will share for the rest of their lives.  
Uncle Brian holding Arianna for the first time

12.  What I'm looking forward to next month...

Easter with my family.  Last year was so fun watching Vincent hunt for eggs, I cant wait to see how much he loves it this year.  Our community has an annual Easter egg hunt and we do a little something at our house Easter morning. 
Vincent at the 2015 Easter Egg Hunt (Its crazy how different he looks in just one year!)

13.  What else is new...
I think that's covered everything, we're busy loving on our newborn baby girl and toddler boy 

14.  What is your favorite Easter tradition?
Coloring Easter eggs with my boy! Can't wait to do it again this year and get baby sister involved (even though she'll only be watching). 

Easter 2015

So that's What's Up with us, I look forward to continuing these posts throughout the year, and hope everyone is having a great week!  




  1. ha my daughter loves frozen too and we watch it alot ;) hey if you're interested were voting on our new book club book on my blog and i'd love for you to come vote and read with us next month! so glad i found you through the linkup! hope you'll stop by mine!

    1. Can you send me the link to your book club? I'm definitely interested in participating! Thanks for stopping by