Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday (7/27/16)

July is over! It's been a fun month, but a hot month, and I'm looking forward to fall.  It's the last Wednesday of the month and time for another What's Up Wednesday!

On the last Wednesday of every month I'm linking up with Shay to answer these questions:

1.  What we're eating this week...

Arianna ate for the first time yesterday.  She had some yummy rice cereal.  Lol, I know, it's boring and bland, but a good first thing for her to eat to get used to eating.  Can't wait to try more and more things with this little nugget.  

This weekend we are going to Chef Mickey's with Mike's family at Disney's Contemporary Resort in Orlando, FL.  Can't wait to see Vincent with some of his favorite characters, and to see how the baby reacts.  Also looking forward to eating some of these Mickey Mouse waffles. 

2.  What I'm reminiscing about...

On July 10th, we baptized our baby girl.  She was such a sweet girl during the ceremony, didn't cry, and fell asleep during the sermon.  It was a great day dedicating her to the Christian faith and a day that I will always remember.  She wore a dress that Mike's mom has been saving for 40 years.  It looked gorgeous on her, and made her day that much more special.  

3.  What I'm loving...

Baby rompers!  I've decided there is nothing cuter than baby rompers.  I can't stop buying them and Arianna can't stop wearing them.  Give me all the rompers!

4.  What we've been up to...

Lots of swimming!  It is soooo hot, I feel like I say that a few times a day.  In between potty training and trying to stay cool, the pool has been the perfect place for us this month.  

Yes, I said it, potty training.  

Vincent has been doing great, and I'm so glad we decided to start potty training him over the 4th of July weekend.  It's amazing what some stickers, M&Ms, and treasure box presents can do to motivate a 2.5 year old boy to go on the potty.  We are still having a few accidents here and there, which is to be expected, but we are so proud of our boy!

5.  What I'm dreading...

Traffic to and from work once school starts again in a few weeks.  My commute is so much nicer during the summer months, I am definitely not looking forward to the congestion on the roads again.  

Also dreading my first trip away for work since the baby was born.  I have to travel to Atlanta for a week in the beginning of August, and it's going to be so hard to be away from my kids for that long.  

6.  What I'm working on...

Spending special time with Vincent.  Honestly the baby gets most of my attention, so I've made an effort to do special things with my boy, so that he knows how important he is to me.  We've made popsicles, gone to the park, and read books.  I am going to do a future blog post on these amazing popsicles that we made one weekend, yum!  
(don't mind our laundry in the background #reallife)

7.  What I'm excited about...

I'm excited about all of the fun weekends we have planned for August and September.  With mine and Vincent's birthdays to celebrate, a few of our good friends/families birthdays, football and Labor Day weekend, we're pretty booked every weekend through the beginning of October, wow!  It's going to be a busy, but fun two months.  

8.  What I'm watching/reading...

We are addicted, three nights a week, we are tuned into the house guests of Big Brother.  

I actually read a book this month!  I can't tell you the last time I actually finished a book.  What a great feeling!  The motivation behind it was to be able to participate in a small book club with some of my friends, but I guess whatever it takes.  

"The Weekenders" was an easy summer read, and combined all of the good things contained in a fiction novel (murder, love, friendship, and the beach).  I would recommend this book to others.  

9.  What I'm listening to...

I should share that I actually listened to the book, instead of reading it :)  It was my first time listening to an audio book through Audible, and I actually enjoyed it.   It made the commutes to and from work seem to go by more quickly.  I found that I was excited to get into the car, so that I could listen to the book.    

10.  What I'm wearing...

I made a few purchases during Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale.  While, I'm not wearing them yet, i know that they will be staple pieces to my wardrobe this fall.  

11.  What I'm doing this weekend...

Heading to Orlando with Mike's family.  Looking forward to spending time with Papa, Grammy, Mike and our babies.    

12.  What I'm looking forward to next month...

Celebrating Vincent's 3rd Birthday!  August will always be a special month to me now that my little boy was born during that month.  
Last year at Vincent's 2nd Birthday 

....and - Football!!  August means that football is back, and that makes me happy! Love my Noles and my Bucs.  Although the first FSU game isn't until September 5th, and we're going to the game (CAN'T WAIT), football will be back on our TVs this month.  

13.  What else is new...

Last month I shared that I was dreading getting Arianna's ears pierced.  Well, we did it, she definitely cried, but fell asleep on the way home and hasn't messed with them since.  They are healing nicely and I am so glad I didn't wait longer to get them done.  

14.  What was your favorite part about summer...

Watching our sweet girl grow.  She has hit a lot of milestones this summer and I know she will continue to hit more as we move through the rest of this year.  She's started rolling over, sitting up, eating, laughing and really turning into her own little person.  Some days I realize how lucky I am to have two healthy beautiful babies, and my heart feels so full!



Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer Swim Style - New Mom Edition

Living in Florida, a lot of summer activities happen outdoors and at the pool or the beach (since it is so hot).  I have been on the hunt for a super cute one-piece swim suit, that would accentuate my current "mom of two" body.  I used to always wear a bikini, ALWAYS.  I have never had the perfect bikini body, but always felt comfortable in my skin and confident in my two piece.  After having my second baby, I have come a long way, but still have a ways to go.  These suits that I found have inspired me to find that cute one piece and get me out of my yoga pants, get outside and play in the water! Some of my favorite finds have bold colors, floral patterns, or the trendy palm prints. 

One Piece Suits

What are your favorite swimsuit brands?  Do you prefer a one pice or a bikini?