Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall Fun!

Home with a sick baby today, which gives me time to write this post!  Arianna has a low-grade fever and been fussy, so we kept her home from school to give her some time to rest.  We think it's just a virus, so no trip to the doctor...yet :)

Fall is one of my favorite times of year, the winds are changing, temperatures are changing (maybe not in Florida), and the Holidays are quickly approaching. This weekend we are expecting temperatures in the 50s, and I CAN NOT WAIT!

A few weekends ago, Florida got hit by Hurricane Matthew.  We were originally planning to go visit my brother in Austin, TX that weekend.  Unfortunately, due to the storm, we ended up pushing back our trip to December.  We were super bummed, so we decided to visit our local Fall Festival for some unplanned fun with the kids.  

 (Vincent's First Pony Ride)

(Arianna did not like the baby wallaby)

(Vincent checking out the Zorse!)

Last weekend we took the kids to Honeymoon Island, a local state park, about 25 minutes from our house.  It was Arianna's first time to the beach.  Although it was still hot outside, it was a little overcast, and the water has started to get colder.  It was definitely too cold for me!

 (Baby toes in the sand!)

(She wasn't quite sure what to think about the sand)

(Vincent was so busy playing, I had to beg him to take a picture for me)

(Watching Daddy and Vincent play)

Weekends with my kids are something that I look forward to every week!  I love seeing the world through their eyes.  Happy Fall!!



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