Thursday, December 15, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been busy!!  Sorry friends, there has been no time for blog posts.  Our schedule and our hearts have been full caring for two Florio kids :) In an attempt to get myself back to the blog, I figured I would provide a little insight into our life lately...

Arianna has had her share of sickness over the last few months, we started with a bad case of RSV over Halloween which required her to be on a nebulizer for breathing treatments. A few weeks ago she had her first ear infection, and just a few days later, we found out she's allergic to penicillin, just like her Daddy.  It has been rough seeing her so sick, but she definitely got some extra cuddles and snuggles from mommy and daddy.  I have decided that there is nothing worse than a sick baby, NOTHING!!  Lets hope she's done getting sick for the rest of this year!! (only a few weeks left, we can make it right?!)
 Mommy's little helper making some Monster Mix for Halloween treats to share with our neighbors 

My little pumpkin and Buzz Lightyear

Even sick, my little goose had a great fist Halloween, such a trooper!

The best neighbors!  Our kids love the Dangs

Enjoying all of the Halloween loot!

There also have been lots of firsts for the Florio kids over the last couple of months.  As these times fly by us, I know I will miss how busy and crazy they are.  Trying to soak in all of these first and be present for these special moments with my kids.  Vincent had his first trip to the dentist and did great!!

Arianna had her first haircut and lollipop!  I know she's still so young, but she had a serious rat tail and lots of crazy strands, so we just cleaned her up a bit without taking off any length.

One of our dear friends and old neighbor, Francisco, is the best!!

We also got into the Christmas spirit, with our annual trip to Disney's Very Merry Christmas, and it was also the baby's first trip to Disney World.  You can read about our trip last year here.  We are now annual passholders, so we will be creating many more memories at Disney over the next year.  Since we are only about an hour away, it is easy for us to go and come back the same day, without having the expense of the hotels.  

Love, love, love the way the Magic Kingdom is decorated at this time of year!

My heart is exploding with this pic! She loves her Dada

I'm pretty sure she's got her whole life to look forward to 
her big brother smothering her like this

Someone has learned to stand up and loves to make her way around the house, crawling to where she wants to go, and then pulling up on everything,  

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family in St. Pete
More Monster Mix, Thanksgiving edition, this stuff is so easy to make and so yummy!  Currently Mike is trying to talk me into making a Christmas

Baby's First Thanksgiving

Vincent helping Nana and Grandpa with Thanksgiving dinner

I went to Memphis for work, and the trees were AMAZING!!

Vincent started soccer with his BFF, Mia

I don't know if its the chair, or the weather, but she's not happy - I'm thinking its the chair! lol

and we've seen Santa...twice! Some of us liked him, some did not :) I think Vincent realizes that Santa is the guy who brings him presents, so he's totally into him

How cute are these BFFs

So, that's a little peek into our life lately.  Its been busy, its been fun, its been exhausting, but I wouldn't have it any other way!  



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