Monday, December 19, 2016

Traditions - Annual Dixie Chicks Dinner

I love traditions!!  Especially during the Hoildays.  One of my FAVORITE nights of the year and something that I actually look forward to all year long is our Annual Dixie Chicks girls dinner.  These girls are my rocks.  I have been friends with them since high school, and some of them, since we were in preschool!  Yes, since we were three at Garden of Peace preschool!  Thinking about that makes me feel old, but it also makes me happy thinking Vincent is at the same age, where he too may be developing lifelong friendships.  These ladies are more than friends, they are my family, and I love each of them so much!!





Every year, we pick a date that works for all of us, which is sometimes hard to do during the month of December.  We pick a local restraunt, set a time, and meet together for a girls night!  We have 9 husbands and 14 kids between us, we deserve a break :) We also do a white elephant gift exchange and share with each other some of our highlights from the year.  Even though we see each other often, its nice to have this one night every year where we catch everyone up at the same time and share our stories.  We eat, we drink, we laugh and we love!  I seriously love these girls so much!


What fun traditions do you have with your friends every year?



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