Monday, February 20, 2017

Arianna's 1st Birthday

I wanted to share some of the details of Arianna's first birthday party with you all today.  

I actually started planning the party in August, when I stumbled across this picture on Pinterest (so many wasted hours looking at pins on Pinterest :)  

When I grew up, I was into dance.  My mom saved a pair of my old pointe and ballet shoes, and when I saw the picture, I knew that this would be the theme I wanted for her birthday party.  When we found out last year that we would be having a little girl, thinking about taking her to dance classes one day is honestly one of the first things I thought about (crazy, I know).  Even if Arianna decides later on, that she's not into dance, I'm so glad we had this unique theme to celebrate her big day.  

I found the perfect invitation on Etsy

The details don't look exactly like they did in the inspiration picture, but I love the way everything turned out.  

Planning around one and three-year-old nap times, is challenging, so we decided to do an early morning party brunch theme.  It turned out great.  Who doesn't love brunch?! Especially mimosas!! We had egg casserole, yogurt parfaits, fruit, donuts and all of the fixings!

Here are some more pictures from the special day!

Sweet cousins from TX

We had a decorate your own cookie and craft station set up outside

I got the perfect outfit for her to change into to eat cake.  Daddy wasn't exactly thrilled, but I couldn't help myself!  Having a little girl to dress up is so fun.

I have to admit, that her first birthday was not her first taste of cake!  We had a birthday celebration with our neighbors in January and she got a little preview then.  Either way, she loved the attention, and had a great time playing with her smash cake. 

Love this picture of our little family!

A picture of what happens after a first birthday smash cake! 

I've said it before, but one of my favorite things to watch over the last year has been the bond between brother and sister grow.  I created this collage of some of my favorite pictures of them over the last year.  My heart is so full!

Thank you so much to our family and friends who helped make this day so special for our little goose!  I think someone enjoyed her special day!





  1. Oh wow, the first birthday bash is looking brilliant. I am really in love with these chic details. For a kid’s first birthday, the parents are usually confused if they should go for a grand party or not. We became parents after 12 years of our wedding so we decided to celebrate the day hugely with all our loved ones. Threw a blasting Disney party at a famous event space in NYC.