Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I Do Yoga

I am so excited to share my new business with this community!  I officially launched I Do Yoga on Saturday, April 1, 2017.  

Almost one year after my best friend's wedding and my friends pushing me to "do this for real," I am combing two things that I'm passionate about - yoga and weddings!  You may recall me mentioning in a few of my "What's Up Wednesday" posts, that I've been working on getting this launched for a while now.  It took me more time than I thought to come up with the perfect name and create meaningful content for social media sites.  I also had to make sure that there were no copyrights on it, and purchase domains for the website.  

Last year, my best friend, Lindsay, got married.  I had recently completed my yoga teacher certification, and suggested it as a fun event for us to do the morning of her wedding.  It went so much better than I had planned and was the perfect way for her bridal party to connect and refresh themselves from the rehearsal dinner partying the night before.  I also think it helped calm her nerves a little too, and feel the love we were all sending her.  After we were through, all of my friends told me, "you know...you really should do this...you could charge people for this, people would pay for it!"  Since then, I've been brainstorming about this business venture and am so happy that I am finally able to launch it.  

I Do Yoga is a wedding and event yoga business, customizing each practice to the clients individual needs. All classes are taught by a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher.  Classes can be taught on location, or in a studio space.  I will travel to the bride.  I hope to be able to bring the practice of yoga to brides on the most special day of their lives. Taking a moment to breathe, be mindful in the moment, either by themselves or surrounded by their closest friends and family will be a way for them to fully be present in their perfect day.  I truly will be so honored to share in these special memories with my clients.  

I want to thank all of my friends for pushing me to do this, and supporting me along the way.  I want to thank my family for being there for me, and supporting me in everything I do.  I want to thank my better half, for not only creating the most perfect logo for my business, but for supporting me in my passion for yoga and teaching and spreading the benefits of the practice.  

Do you know anyone recently engaged or planning a wedding? Send them my way! Yoga is the perfect way to complete one of the best days of your life. Contact me at idoyogatampa@gmail.com for more information!

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(photos were taken at Green Locus Yoga Studio in Tampa, FL)

Namaste! XO


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