Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What's Up Wednesday (4/25/17)

It's the last Wednesday of April, and it is time for What's Up Wednesday!  This month really flew by and we have so many exciting things coming up next month.  

On the last Wednesday of every month I'm linking up with Shay to answer these questions:

1.  What we're eating this week...
We are one month away from our no-kids vacation to Las Vegas and California, so we are eating healthy.  Lots of protein and vegetables for dinner this week. 

2.  What I'm reminiscing about...
I had a trip to Kansas City for work in the middle of the month, and I was dreading it.  It sucked being away from Mike and the kids for an entire week.  However, the Plaza area, where we stayed was actually a cute little part of town, and I really enjoyed myself.  

3.  What I'm loving...
How cute is this bibdana that I ordered for Arianna?  It is functional and stylish, and didn't really bother her to wear, as you can tell by her staring at the computer screen watching The Wiggles.  A friend of mine from high school has her own Etsy shop and has a ton of designs. I ordered one for a gift as well :) You can find her shop here.  

4.  What we've been up to...
April was a busy, busy, busy month - here's a look at some of our fun!

Riding bikes at Nana and Pepaw's house

Sprinkler fun in the front yard

Coloring :)

Growing so big too fast!

Annual dying of the Easter eggs

Easter egg hunting

Each kid had their face painted for the first time

Hunting for eggs Easter morning

Checking out their goodies from the Easter bunny

Love my family!

It's pretty cool when you get to help your Great-Grandmother 
blow out the candles on her 102nd birthday cake!

5.  What I'm dreading...
Is it crazy that I am dreading Vincent starting Pre-K this year?  I am excited that he's learning so much and getting older and more mature, but Pre-K means that next year he'll be in Kindergarten, which means he's growing up!  #timepleasestop

6.  What I'm working on...
I have been working on my spring cleaning.  If you missed my post about it, you can read it here.  We have our neighborhood garage sale next weekend, so I am working on getting all of that stuff ready.  

7.  What I'm excited about...
This month I finally launched my new business, I Do Yoga!  You can read more about it here.  I am offering private and group yoga packages leading up to or on a bride's special day. All classes are taught by Yoga Alliance Certified yoga teacher and customized for individual needs.
8.  What I'm watching/reading...
I've been trying to keep up with Dancing with the Stars this season.  My favorite is Simone :)

I have been traveling for work, and wanted something good to read.  Mike recommended The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann.  It was amazing!  I don't want to spoil too much about the book, but I can share the 5 key takeaways, or Laws of Success - The Law of Value, The Law of Compensation, The Law of Influence, The Law of Authenticity and the Law of Receptivity.  

It is a very easy read, finished it in a few hours.  I have been trying to incorporate these principles into my lifestyle and they are definitely easier than I thought they would be.  Go get this book!

9.  What I'm listening to...
I recently started listening to a podcast called From the Heart.  The speaker is Rachel Brathen, aka on social medial platforms "Yoga Girl."  She recently had her first baby, Lea Luna, and shares her experience as a new mother and lessons learned along the way.  The podcasts are insightful, inspiring and real.  I get excited when she publishes a new one.  

We have also been listening to the Trolls, Sing and Moana soundtracks on repeat....because kids! 

10.  What I'm wearing...
I got the cutest outfit from Madewell while I was in Kansas City.  I have always wanted to check out their stores, but there is not one anywhere near Tampa.  I think the closest one is in Palm Beach Gardens or Jacksonville. Now that I know how their clothes fit, I will be buying more from there in the future. 

11.  What I'm doing this weekend...
This weekend I have fun plans with my college besties, some family-time planned and maybe even a possible trip to Disney.  We've been putting off updating our flower-beds in front of our house, so hopefully we'll find some time to work on those as well.  

12.  What I'm looking forward to next month...
Next month, there are so many fun things to look forward to!  My nephew is turning 3, we have a Derby-themed birthday party to attend, and of course our childless vacation and anniversary celebration with our cousins.  

13.  What else is new...
In April, Mike passed his broker's state licensing exam.  He studied so hard for it, and finally got it done.  I am so happy for him! #proudwife

14. Bonus Question - What's your favorite spring/summer shoe?
Ok, these aren't "my" shoes, but how cute are these shoes I got for Arianna for the summer.  They are crocs, which I'm not generally a huge fan of, but I just couldn't resist.  They go on easy, are water-proof, and will be perfect for running around with her this summer.  

*Bonus - she loves them too! (p.s.  she has found her favorite cabinet and makes that mess EVERY DAY!)



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  1. Love Madewell! There are tons of them here in California, so when you have your trip here next year, be on the look out for them!
    Thanks for linking up with us :)