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Workin' It Wednesday - Over the Weekend!

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So a weekend in my life is full of time spent with my kids and an occasional yoga class or pedicure.  This post will look very similar to my June post about things I do to keep my kids entertained all summer because most of the time I get to spend with my kids is on the weekends #workingmomlife

Last weekend we had a pretty low-key weekend after a busy weekend of meeting baby Vera Rose the weekend before and then the 4th of July holiday on Tuesday.  Most Friday's we'll eat out or go hang out with some friends, but this Friday night we had dinner in, baths and then bed #tired Arianna loves her baths with momma and recently has started pouring the water all over herself!

Saturday morning started with me taking the kids to the park, in an effort to tire them out.  Mike had an open house starting at 11,  and I knew I wanted the kids to take a good nap because we had plans to head to Busch Gardens later in the afternoon.  We are so lucky that we have two great parks less than a mile from my house.  It is the perfect way for me to let my kids get rid of some of their crazy energy, and they are used to playing outside every day from school.  

After the park, and visiting Daddy at his open house, it was time for naps!  Even Roxy had a great nap on Saturday.  

After we napped, we headed to Busch Gardens to meet some of our friends.  We re-purchased our annual passes.  When Vincent was around Arianna's age, he became obsessed with Elmo, and this was our favorite place to take him, now it's Arianna's turn! Here's a glimpse of some of my favorite Busch Gardens memories from over the years.  

(These pictures melt me!!)

(I can not believe that these two will be 4 next month and starting Pre-K!)

Vincent was able to get in free with their Preschool pass option, and since Arianna is still young, she got in free also, so we made the decision to renew our annual passes.  Unfortunately, due to summer rain in FL, there was lightning in the area and the Elmo show got canceled and everything else at the park shut down, so it was a hot and quick trip!  

(Note, although Arianna is becoming obsessed with Elmo, she wanted nothing to do with this picture!)

These kids have been besties since the belly, it is so fun watching them grow up together! My friend Mariseli sent me this collage of them.  Mia and Vincent will be 4 in August and Connor will be 5 this September.  

On Sunday, we went to the grocery store (boring but necessary) and then I took the kids outside to play in their new water table.  Kept them busy and happy for a good hour and a half while I pulled weeds.  This Sunday we also celebrated Arianna turning 17 months old!! It really has gone by so fast.

After water table fun and lunch, it was nap time!  We love naps, Momma loves naps - weekend naps are the best!! #naptimefavoritetime

We hung out the rest of the day, ran errands and cooked a healthy dinner.  Cod, sweet potatoes and green beans for the win! 
After dinner there is always room for some ice cream!!  My girl is such a good eater, and she loves all sweets.  

That's it, our fun, lazy, family-filled weekend.  I wouldn't want to spend them any other way.  Looking forward to today's link-up to see what the other bloggers in this community are up to on their weekends.  



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  1. I've never been to Busch Gardens but it sounds so fun! Glad you had a good weekend!