Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Two Year (Blogging) Anniversary!

Simply Shari is TWO YEARS OLD!  We have had a very busy August, so I actually missed the actual anniversary, but at least I knew the month...lol.  On August, 5th, 2015 I posted my first blog post, announcing that we were expecting our second baby.  I am still so happy that that announcement is how I launched this blog and I can't believe that's it's already been two years! 

Similar to a two-year-old, I feel like my blog is in it's "toddler years."  I am still learning the basics and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and letting you all into my daily life.  Sometimes my blog gives me tantrums when I don't pay enough attention to it, but it's easy to ignore the blog and focus on the more important priorities in my life like being a wife, mother, sister and friend.  I have matured in my post frequency and expressiveness, but I haven't gotten to where I really envisioned this blog being with sponsored blog posts.  However, I do have some really great posts that I will cherish and look back on to remember these crazy days when my babies were tiny and I felt so "busy." 

Even with that said, my blog has reached more people over the last two years than I could have ever imagined.  I have posted 50 times, making this my 51st blog post!  Blogger, the publishing service that I use, provides lots of fun stats about your blog.  My page has been viewed 4,740 times!  It also shows this cool map of your world-wide reach.  New this year are readers in South America!  

Like my life, I have goals for this blog and hope to find time to dedicate towards reaching for those goals over the next year.  Sharing the tips I posed in my 1 Year Blogging Anniversary Post for those of you who may be considering starting your own blog.  I have grown personally from putting myself out there and documenting life through this blog, and I would encourage anyone to do the same.  

1.  Do a web  domain search.  Come up with your blog name, and see if there are any websites out there with that name.  I purchased my domain through google, and pay $12 a year to keep the website up. 

2.  Do your research on a publishing service.  Like I said, I use Blogger.  However, I've also heard good things about Word Press.  

3.  Create your social media sites.  FacebookInstagram, Pinterest - how are you going to market your blog?

4.  Write your first post! 

Below I am linking some of my favorite posts from the last two years below, check them out if you missed them!

Most importantly, I want to thank all of YOU who have supported and spent time out of your day reading about our life and this blog.  It means so much to me to have this outlet and I truly appreciate all of the support!



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