Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How We - Do Goals/Resolutions/Etc.

Happy 2018 Everyone!! This is my first post of the new year.  In case you missed it, I shared my 2017 Year-In-Review on NYE, its really become one of my favorite posts of the year.  Love looking back at all of the fun we had throughout the year and it gives me ideas of things I want to do again in the next year.

Some of my favorite posts have been link-ups, they keep me scheduled, they give me ideas, and they're just plain fun to see what other mommas and bloggers out there are doing.  This year I'm linking up with Mix and Match Mamma and A Little Bit of Everything to share "how we" all 2018 long!  

Here's the schedule, if you want to join in too!

Before I share my 2018 goals with you, I want to re-visit my 2017 New Years' Goals.  Last year my focus was on "Mindfulness" and being mindful in all things family, career and in general.  We were more mindful about making time for our marriage, taking more date nights and an amazing vacation last year.  I was more mindful with my professional goals, completing a leadership development program and stepping up a team lead position towards the end of the calendar year.  I did a few yoga business events last year too, so I was more mindful about growing that business (way more to achieve this year).  I was mindful about my health and fitness goals, hitting "Lifetime" status with Weight Watchers towards the end of 2017 after losing almost 12 pounds.  I was more mindful with relationships and really tried to focus my time and energy on those that mattered most.  If I reflect back on the goals I set for myself, and everything that I achieved in 2017, I would say that "yes" I was more mindful.  Was I completely mindful at all times, heck no...but did I put more effort into it? Yes, definitely!!

Similar to last year, in an effort to keep things simple and achievable for me, I have narrowed my goals for 2018 into one theme, PATIENCE.  By nature, I am very quick to act, to decide, to argue my point, to think while others are talking...this is something that I want to get better at in 2018.  I want to pause before I respond and say something that I truly didn't mean.  Also pause before I react and then later think about how I could have done that differently.  Having patience with others and myself and the process, and being more mindful (🙂) about being patient, will help me to live this goal. 

To set this new goal in motion, I attended an amazing Soulful Start yoga and meditation practice at Kodawari yoga studios on New Years Day.  Besides starting the day with my family, I can't think of a better way to start my year, than with this beautiful practice dedicated towards setting intentions for 2018.  

In 2018, I envision myself being more patient with...

1) Patience with myself, giving myself grace when needed 
2) Patience with my husband
3) Patience with my kids 
4) Patience at work
5) Patience with my health and fitness goals 

Seems pretty doable, I'll need you all to help keep me accountable!

Here's a couple other things I'm working on in 2018! 

This year I am working on a daily gratitude journal and working my way through The One Year Bible.  I purchased both books on Amazon and have enjoyed working through them.  The Journal of Gratitude has you write down three to five things each day that you are grateful for.  Taking a moment to find a few things each day that you appreciated or are thankful for shifts your perspective.  I'm 9 days in, and doing well.  The One Year Bible breaks down the entire bible into 2-3 pages per day, and will take you through it by the end of the year.   

My cousin talked Mike and I into a 3-day cleanse to kick off the new year.  We ended up not having too much going on that week, so it worked out well with our timing.  I am not a big fan of cleanses, but I figured after the holidays, it would be good to join her accountability group and prove to ourselves that we could do it.  Here's the link to all of the information on the cleanse.  You eat the same things at the same times each day, no sugar or salt or added condiments.  We had great results!  I lost 5.4lbs and Mike lost 6.2.  We have gained some of that back, because that really wasn't sustainable weight loss, but I have found that it's helped curve some of my cravings.  The other cool thing about it was that i was able to prove to myself again that I can do anything I put my mind to, even a 3-day cleanse!  I took pictures of everything we ate on the last day, and am sharing those below.  

Another thing I'm super excited about is getting my website for I Do Yoga up and running.  I purchased the domain when I launched the business last April, but have not done anything with it.  I'm starting 2018 off on the right foot, and have been working with my brother to get it up.  The other day I opened it, and saw this!!! I was so excited.  Soon you will be able to find out more about the services provided at!! COMING SOON!! 

Happy New Year!



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