Wednesday, August 8, 2018

How We - Pack Lunches

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The day I've been dreading for months is here, Vincent starts Kindergarten this Friday! 

My boy is a picky eater.  He wasn't always picky.  When he first started eating he would try all of the foods.  However, as long as I can remember now, since probably around 1 1/2 years, he's been my picky eater.  Packing school lunches is going to be a whole new ball game for this momma.  At daycare, most days, his daily report for lunch would read "None".  I feel like he will eat more, now that I'm packing his lunch for him, but I want to make sure he's getting nutritional food to give him energy throughout the day.  This was something I didn't have to worry about with daycare, because by state law, they are required to provide balanced meals throughout the day. I also am realistic in knowing that he won't eat most fruits and vegetables that I'll put in his lunch box.  I am so excited to read the posts in today's link-up, because I need all of the help in this area.  

The only things I've got going for me now, are the containers themselves.  I feel like they will make him excited and encourage him to  

Last year for his birthday his BFF Mia got him this Star Wars lunchbox from Pottery Barn Kids.  

Earlier this week at Target, I picked up this Incredibles 2 thermos to store hot/cold foods.  

I also have been on Pinterest, trying to find all of the lunch ideas.  

We may end up letting him get a hot lunch from school, because he seems excited about that, and it's honestly a lot less work for us.  Some days I'd like to pack him a lunch though, and I know we will for the first few weeks, so I need ideas!!  How do you pack lunches for your kids?



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  1. Yay for kindergarten! I teach K and love it! My kiddos each pick out one day a week that they eat hot lunch if they want, if not I pack lunches. Pintrest is the best for lunch ideas!