Sunday, August 5, 2018

Three Year Bloggiversary

Three years!! For three years I have been documenting my life and family over in this little corner of the Internet.  I truly can't believe how quickly the three years have gone by. 
I want to celebrate the three years with links to some of my most-viewed blog posts. 

Here's a look-back at my first blog ever!  I announced that we were expecting baby #2 and showed you all how we shared the news with Vincent.  

Is it weird that I find it hard to remember our lives when we only had one kid?  Arianna is almost 2 1/2 years old, and it feels like she's been in our family forever.  

My all-time most viewed blog is this What's Up Wednesday link-up from July 2016.  I have loved doing these link-ups with some of my favorite bloggers.  The link-ups keep my blog going, and give me something to write about during moments where I may not have specific content to share.  Some of my favorite moments from this month were Arianna's baptism, Vincent's potty training and 4th of July parties.  Seems like we're currently in this same spot in life, just two year's down the road if you check out my most recent What's Up Wednesday from July 2018.  

Some of my favorite posts to look back on are my anniversary blogs.  

You can see my one-year bloggiversary here

and my two-year bloggiversary here 

Some of my favorite posts from last year still remain true.  

Here are a few more of my favorites since last year's anniversary.  

I'm still totally geeked out about how cool the blogger statistics are, and one day I'll figure out how to get a sponsored post or two out of this blog.  

For now, I am happy I have these memories to look back on, and that you all are still here following along!



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