Wednesday, October 10, 2018

How We - Meal Plan

Happy October everyone!!  I had the most awful travel day yesterday, but I am here today for the link-up with Mix and Match Mamma and A Little Bit of Everything for this month's "How We" post, all about meal planning and sharing recipes!   

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I am so excited to read the other blogger's posts today, because I honestly am not that great at meal planning.  I'd rather cook than go out to eat, but I haven't figured out how to prep for meals that the entire family will enjoy.  I'm hoping that today's posts will share all of the ways to make this easier!  If you're anything like me, your meal planning looks a little like this...

I am no expert, but here are a few of my tips for meal planning...

1.  Grocery shop...
Mike and I have always done the grocery shopping together.  It makes it easier to know what we want to have for dinner that week, and we spend that time together as well.  Now that we have kids, that means we also take them along, so sometimes we end up with more in our cart than we actually need.  Cooking during the week is tricky in my family because my husband is a vegetarian, and my kids are picky.  My son is the pickiest, and my daughter will generally eat anything that we make.  When we go to the store together as a family it makes it easier to get everything that we've run out of and need for the week so that we aren't making constant trips to the store.  As our schedules have gotten busier, time is our biggest commodity, I am thinking I may need to try out one of those grocery delivery services.  Which one is the best to use?

2.  Plan around our schedule...
We know that Tuesday I teach yoga, so I'll want something light.  Wednesday, Vincent has tball, so it will have to be quick.  Thursday, Mike plays pool, so I kind of use that as our night to each eat whatever we want.  Knowing what we have planned for the week and any additional dinner plans in between make it easier to know what we will want to eat each day.  Breakfasts/lunches are usually the same for Mike and I, we both love eggs and I will usually have a salad or sandwich for lunch.  I did a post about how I'm packing Vincent's lunches here.  I want to get my kids eating healthier meals that they enjoy, and that's something that we're working on.  

3.  Get ideas and recipes from some great places...
This month marks one year of being a lifetime WW member!  That's a huge accomplishment, and I am so proud of it.  One of my favorite websites to go for meal inspiration is Skinnytaste.  She has weekly meal plans and calculates all of the Freestyle points for you, which makes staying on track easier!  She also breaks her website down into different keys so it's easy to find vegetarian, keto, kid-friendly meals quickly. 
She also lists all of the recipe ingredients that you'll need for each meal, which makes food shopping a little easier.  

She also has a FREE weekly meal-plan that I love to steal ideas from, but they don't all work due tot he dietary restrictions in our family.  Here's this week's Skinnytaste meal plan if you want to check it out.  

I also like to share recipes with friends.  We don't have any tricks for that, we usually just text each other the recipes :)  

How do you do meal plan? Share all of your ideas with me because I am always looking for ways to make "momming" it a little easier!




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