Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How We - Talk to Kids About Adoption

Hi friends!  I can not believe that next week is Thanksgiving!  2018 is rushing by, and the year is almost over.  Today I am joining the link-up with Mix and Match Mama and A Little Bit of Everything for this month's "How We" post, all about talking about adoption to kids.  

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This is the topic I probably know least about from the "how we" series.  However, it is a topic that i'm probably the most interested in, as my kids get older and start asking mom and dad all of the hard questions.  

The other day, we were talking about mommy's and daddy's and Vincent told me that some kids in his class don't have a daddy.  It hurt my heart to know that kids his age aren't experiencing the same things that he is with a home life, but it is the reality.  All that I could tell him is that those kids are our friends too, and that that everyone deserves for him to be kind to them, regardless of what's happening at home.  

1.  Adoption is a part of my story...
My mom and her twin brother were adopted.  My brother and I learned about this later in our life, but WOW, my grandmother and grandfather were amazing people to love enough to adopt newborn twins.  I hope that wherever my mom's birth mom is, that she knows her kids had the best possible life, and that she did the right thing by handing them over to my loving grandmother.  One day Vincent and Arianna may know that Nana and Uncle Dan were adopted, and I hope that we can share how amazing their lives were because of this simple act of love.  

2. Our family...
Eventually we may be called to adopt.  If that time comes, I would hope and pray that my kids would accept another child into our family as their own.  I've always been open to the idea of adoption, and will lean on my faith to know whether or not it is something that is right for our family.  

Either way, in this lifetime, some of my children's friends may be adopted.  I hope to be able to teach my kids that adoption is the most loving thing that someone could do for someone.  

Thanks for sharing your tips ladies, and thanks for reading! Wishing you all the best thanksgiving with your family and friends. I am grateful for this blog and for each of you!



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