Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Lets Look - Your Favorite Reads

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Today is my "Friday" because tomorrow Mike and I leave town for a very special getaway, sans kids!  We're blessed to have his Mom here with us, helping us out, so that we can take the time for ourselves.  

Today, I'm excited to share my first installment of "Lets Look" with you!  Every month I'll be linking up with Mix and Match Mama and A Little Bit of Everything to bring you a fun look at things in my life!

It would be fun for you to join in too, here are the topics for the year...

So, I didn't link-up for January, we were really busy, and I honestly had a hard time finding the "coziest" spot in my house besides my bed and couch.  I am committed to letting you take a peek at the rest of the year's fun topics though :)

This month's link-up comes at the perfect time, because if you missed it, I posted my favorite books of 2018 just a few weeks ago!  You can take a look back at that post here.  

My favorite reads are really all over the place.  I used to only love Nicholas Sparks books, but as I've matured, I'm finding that I like to try new genres and styles.  If you reflect back on my favorite books of last year, we've got the Bible, a motivational book, and a yoga book.  I was also surprised that my favorite fictional book of the year was a "thriller"!  

I'm excited for today's link-up to get some ideas for more books for me to read this year.  Last year I read 14 books, and I want to read more than that this year!

Also, if you missed my post about my sweet girl, who turned THREE on Saturday, you can see that post here.  We had a great time, celebrating with family and a few friends. 

Have a Happy Valentines! I hope that you spend it with those that you love!



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