Monday, May 27, 2019

7 Years of Marriage!

Today we celebrate 7 amazing years of marriage! I have always loved Memorial Day weekend, but it has a special meaning for me now because 7 years ago today, we were with our family and closest friends as we said our vows and committed to each other forever!

One of my favorite things about this day, is that we share our anniversary with my cousins.  They have been married 12 years today, Happy Anniversary Schnell's!  Over the last 7 years, we've built a life and family together, and I can't imagine it any other way!

So in honor of our anniversary today, I would like to share 7 of the things I love most about my husband.  Of course, there are thousands of reasons that he makes me happy, and is my favorite, but these are the ones I think about first when I think of him.

1.  The way he loves his kids!   I always knew that he would be a great Dad, but watching him excel in a very natural way in this role, has been one of my greatest joys over the last almost 6 years. 

2.  His family! I grew up in a small, close-nit family, but I have loved joining the Florio clan.  They are all amazing and seeing the way that they love each other is so special! Mike always puts his family first, and I admire that about him. 

3.  His devotion to his customers.  A few years into our marriage, Mike decided he needed a career change.  I was skeptical, but becoming a Realtor has made him more passionate and more dedicated to his line of work.  I have never met someone who works harder for their clients, and puts their interests ahead of his own like he does.  It has been an honor to stand by his side and watch his business grow over these last few years.  

4.  The way that he supports me.  Mike has always supported my goals and dreams.  He's right there cheering me on, every time I'm ready to "learn something new", especially when it comes to yoga.   He lets me focus on my practice, and continuing education on my journey to becoming a better yoga teacher.  I am so grateful to him for all that he does to support me!

5.  The way that he makes me laugh.  If you've met Mike, then you know what I'm talking about.  He loves to crack jokes, even when they may not be completely appropriate, but he's had me laughing since the beginning, and I'm sure will continue to keep me laughing as we grow old and grey together.  

6.  He goes along with my crazy ideas.  I love to travel, and explore new things.  Mike has been there by my side, even when some of my ideas didn't turn out to be the smartest.  Of course he lets me hear about them, but I know he enjoys that I love planning special events or trips for the two of us to get away from our daily routine.  

7.  He is the calm to my crazy.  When I get worked up about things, he brings me back to my reasons.  When I get upset, he calms me down.  When I get frustrated, he lightens the mood.  I don't know how he puts up with me, but I am so glad that he does!

Happy Anniversary Mike!  Here's to forever with you by my side! xoxo



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