Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What's Up Wednesday (3/29/17)

It's the last Wednesday of March, and it is time for What's Up Wednesday!

On the last Wednesday of every month I'm linking up with Shay to answer these questions:

1.  What we're eating this week...
Monday - Salmon
Tuesday - Healthy crock-pot chicken enchiladas
Wednesday - Veggie chicken and sweet potatoes
Thursday - Eggplant

I try to be good all week....and then I ruin it on the weekends #storyofmylife

2.  What I'm reminiscing about...
Last week my baby started walking!  I thought she would be walking a lot sooner, since she started crawling sooner than Vincent, but I was ok letting her wait.  I know that now once she gets the hang of it, she's going to be all over the place.  Either way, a big milestone for my sweet girl for sure!

3.  What I'm loving...
Some of the pictures I got for Arianna's 1-year photo shoot

I am also loving the pictures that her teachers take of her throughout the day, they are priceless!  One is such a fun age, learning and growing so much!

4.  What we've been up to...
We started this month at a baby shower for Mike's cousins.  I could not be more excited for them to become parents, they are going to be an amazing mom and dad to their sweet girl #verarose

We also took another trip to Disney this month, making the most of our annual passes.  I think after this trip we've gotten our money worth.  

5.  What I'm dreading...
Heading to Kansas City for a leadership development program and I have to leave on a Sunday and don't get home until Friday night.  It's going to be a long week away from my family. 

6.  What I'm working on...
Preparing to launch my private and event yoga business, stay tuned! 

7.  What I'm excited about...
In May Mike and I are taking a vacation to celebrate our 5-year anniversary.  All of the plans and details are starting to come together, and I am so excited to get away for a few days!  We're traveling with my cousins, who also happen to share their anniversary date with us, just 5 years earlier, making it even more fun!

8.  What I'm watching/reading...
Well, now that The Bachelor is over, and Nick is engaged to Vanessa.....

I'm watching him over on Dancing with the Stars! Not because it's him, but because there is no more Bachelor and because I enjoy that show :)

This month I finished reading The Book That Matters Most.  I really enjoyed the book, about a book club, that really turned out to be so much more about a mother, her relationship with her daughters, and her daughters lives after she leaves.  I would recommend this book, it wasn't what I expected, but it was enjoyable.

I am currently reading First Comes Love, by Emily Giffin.  I am right at the end of the book, and can't put it down, because I want to know how it ends!

9.  What I'm listening to...
My three year old is on repeat lately, "Mommy....Mommy....Mommy....Mommy"

10.  What I'm wearing...
Working from home more has me wearing a lot more athletic wear (yoga pants/tanks).  Literally, that was almost my entire laundry load the last few weeks. 

11.  What I'm doing this weekend...
This weekend I have no plans! I shouldn't even type that, because that will make things get planned.  Looking forward to a low-key weekend with my kids and soaking up the Spring weather. 

12.  What I'm looking forward to next month...
All of the fun Easter activities with my kids.  Here's a picture from them last year, for Arianna's first Easter. 

13.  What else is new...
That's about it right now, just a busy working mom of two!

14. Bonus Question - What's your favorite spring wardrobe piece?
I have been living in my white jeans!  They are so easy to dress up or down, casual or dressy.  Now that I am finally fitting back into my normal clothes, I have been loving my white jeans. 



Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Workin' It Wednesday - Balancing Work & Home Life

Happy Wednesday!  I'm linking the 2nd Wednesday of the month with Mix and Match Mamma and A Little Bit of Everything for a series where we share how we are working to keep it all together!  This month it's actually the 3rd Wednesday of the month, and the link-up was actually Monday, which I missed, but I think that shows you a little bit about how busy March has been for me!

If you want to join the link up too, here are the topics we are covering this year :)

You can see my January post about new year's goals here
and my February post about keeping my marriage strong here

So let me start by saying I'm not very good at balancing work & home life, and now that I am working virtually out of my home office more often, I really need to focus on improving those skills.

I feel like I have four roles/jobs.  Wife, Mother, Government Employee and Yoga Teacher.  The first two are obviously my favorite and most important roles, while the second two earn me income.  I can say that I am lucky, with my professional job, I rarely take work home with me.  When I leave, or "clock out" for the day, I am done until the next day.  So when I am done with work for the day my focus can be on my family, home, etc.  My yoga teaching is really more something that I love and enjoy, than something that I see as a "job."  Recently I transitioned to subbing for the yoga studio, instead of having a regular schedule, and that has really helped me with my home-life balance and mom guilt.  

Going from one to two kids in the last year was a big adjustment for us.  I couldn't do any of it without the support and teamwork from my hubby, he's the best!  Here are a few tricks that work for me to keep it all together:

1. Schedule
Maybe its the Virgo in me, but I thrive on schedules.  I live by what we're doing, when we're doing it and how.  I know this often drives Mike crazy, and some of my friends too, but that's how I function.  Some of my favorite tools for this are lists (to remind me of what I need to purchase or get done), my planner and our home calendar.  

I purchased this home daily system when we moved into our house five years ago from Pottery Barn, and I love it!  Every month, I update the calendar, and fill it with things that we have going on.  It's a good way for Mike and I to see our plans for the month, and keep up with individual plans that we might have, like book club or an open house.  The storage bins are less than organized, and need to be cleaned out, but this hangs in our kitchen and is a very visual way for us to see our schedule.

2. Take time for Yourself
There are two ways that I try to take time for myself, exercise and me-time.  I try to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.  Whether that means a run, an at-home workout before I pick up the kids from school, or during my lunch break, yoga or barre, being active keeps me a happier and healthier version of myself.  

The other way that I try to take time for myself, is to get together with my friends, sans-kids at least once a month.  Sometimes this momma needs a break.  Thank goodness again for that supportive hubby reigning down the fort for me when I do this.   It honestly refreshes me and gives me time to catch up with my friends on what's happening in their lives, and share a little bit about what's happening in mine.   

3. Remember my WHY
My family is my reason for everything I do.  Working to make a good living to support them, and then being present when I'm with them are the whole reason behind trying to find a good work and home balance.  When things get stressful at work, I remind myself of this, and when things get stressful at home, I ask myself if it really matters in the grand scheme of things.  These three people are my why, and remind me of my reason every day.  

Something that is not a trick, and that I do way to often is overbook.  I know that I need to be more mindful of that, and doing so will help out with the work and home life balance.  I can't wait to see some of the tricks that others who linked up use, and add some of their tools to improve my work & home life balance.